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Hunters and Collectors handles all necessary export permits and paperwork.

We custom manufacture all our crates to ensure that your trophy is well packaged and protected. Horns are removable on certain species and allow for us to pack as small a crate as possible.

Please note that, by law, each hunter has to have his own crate/s and own set of documents i.e. no two hunters can be packed into the same crate.

Customs brokers/clearing agents are to be appointed by the client – we can make recommendations.

Cites export permits are also arranged by Hunters & Collectors. Please ensure what the importing country’s requirements are and ensure that, if necessary, the cites import permits are received before we ship. (Please note that they have an expiry date – normally 6 months – and the onus is on the client to ensure these are valid at time of shipping).

If you would like to use your own shipping agent and insurance broker, Hunters and Collectors take no responsibility once the goods have been delivered to the shipping agent.
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